Macdonalds, Burger King, Hungry Jacks – any large franchise will normally have a Birthday Party area and price list

Things to do for a Franchise Party

Book a date/time( these parties are usually 2 hours long so parents frequently stay)

Rsvp, get rough numbers in before the date

–       One of the big benefits of running a party at one of the big fast food franchises is that your numbers can be very flexible,  extras can always be fed if they turn up, turn over is high and they come out relatively cost/time effective.

They are however very cookie cutter, if you want yours to be a little different, you need to decorate the party room (or area if there is no specific room) make sure you have lolly bags for them to walk away with (sometimes the franchise or any hired entertainer can provide it for you.

The parties are semi run by staff, but all they are doing is taking the food order and following your lead.

You can also book a balloon twister/face painter and they can run the party if you need them to, but as with anything it is all about communication, some just paint/twist and are not into entertaining the crowd.


Book 3 weeks in advance, this gives time for RSVP’s to come in

Find out if there is a party room or  space

Be very friendly to the staff (because then, you get better service)

be clear and discuss details with the manager arrival/food/cake times

Personalise the area ( Balloons/streamers/Hire an Entertainer)

Communicate with the staff during the event (what is happening next)

Music is yours to bring in, I have found that a little bluetooth speaker will usually work well in those areas and,  will make a difference to the atmosphere in the room, also assists in calming kiddies.

A tip for the servers  (even in Australia) is appreciated

Cake can be one your bring in, or usually an icecream cake

Make sure someone else takes photo’s so that you can be in them(it won’t matter what you look like, these photos are for your kids, and they like to see you as they remember you)


Best of all, you don’t need to clean up,  Just pay the bill, grab the kids and go, it’s a super easy party


Have loads of Groovy Fun at your next party




PS. I’m in Australia, what other kind of franchise places do parties where you’re from?




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