Paul and Tracey are the hard working owners of Kustomburgers 501 high street Thornbury, Melbourne. Phone 03 94849316

I must admit, I took ages to come in because I thought it was a basic burger joint, but Kustomburgers was honestly a surprise.

The menu skews more adult and frankly is some of the best tasting burgers I’ve had for years, we had fried pickles (omg) the chips are great and the coleslaw was fresh and lovely

And the thick shakes (snickers is my favourite)

Now, as a party venue it’s designed for adults, however after talking to  Paul, they open 11am and close at 10pm, if you were to take your kids there after school or sat/sun morning, you could book out the back room, it’s called Rudy’s room and has A bar (only serving adults) and he will sort out nuggets etc of you wish, but the burgers are great!!

There is a huge TV with a wii attached in the front, great diner deco with booths, the loo is close out the back.  one male one female, they are clean and well appointed

All in all this is a great venue, parking may be tricky, but it’s a nice place to eat and listen to rockin songs, older children so 10 plus, this is a great venue for them to chat and muck around in, have a look at the photos and call Paul of you want to chat

I must say the Thick shakes are just lovely, I had a snickers, hubby had cookies and cream and my Daughter had Nutella, they were really yummy

Ps I paid for all my meal and didn’t tell them I was reviewing until I asked about times etc at the end

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