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What are the three things you have problems with when running a children’s party?

Everyone has different ideas on what a party should be, I personally have planned chaos at my kids parties, but as a professional entertainer that is my bag, I am not so good with the catering, so I have to plan that out, how many people x food/drink when do you serve what.

so I look at it as a story, beginning middle and end


People arrive, (some early, some late) milling and snacking, the kids have a little run around

music, chatting for parents and entertainment for kids


Serious food comes out (if a big meal in on the plan)

Then more entertainment for kids and adults


Cake is the sign that the show is over, this is great and most people understand this,  keeping a few family and close members after (they usually help clean up)


This is a bare bones summary of course, my question is this…,

Where is the area that you need help with a party?  planning? prep? delivery? Cleanup?  what is it that stops you from having more parties?




Let us know what you think