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Have you ever felt like you’re just spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere?


This is where I am at at the moment, going around and around the track, and finally,  I’ve decided to get more organised.

**Is there somewhere in your life that you actually are a little organised? use that technique because you already know it and apply it to other areas”

When I plan a party I actually have things timed, this helps me know where I am going


Two hour party   15 kids /6 adults   10am/12pm face painting games balloons

9.50 arrive and set up

10.00 meet and greet the kids as they come in  – bubbles/ glitter stamps

10.05  Good Faces take max 6 mins each, some are faster so lets round it to 4 mins

– 4 x 15 = 1hour (this is an estimate, and why there is always a line for face painting)

10.20 – face painting

10.30 – face painting

10.40 – face painting   (during this time, the kids are eating and playing a little)

10.50 – face painting

11.00 – Games  (20 mins of games can be duck duck goose, hide and seek, any of my-

11.10 – Games  – parachute games, they are fast turnover games and nobody “loses”)

11.20  Magic (get all the kids sitting for a little 10 min magic show)

11.30 Balloons –  (1-5 mins per balloon, depending on the kids)

11.40 Balloons –

11.50  Balloons  –

12.00    Cake  –  Song

12.05 pack up, thank everyone and leave everyone with a smile


This is a very basic run down of how a party needs to go, when I’m planned, then I am comfortable, and my client is comfortable because when you have a plan then you can adjust when the kids are fractious and need to run,  so I over plan and parties run smoothly (My actual sheet has loads more detail in it, when the kids get bored we switch to a new game)


How many of you are looking at your life and saying “I don’t know where I’m at”

I have to admit, I plan my parties to the enth degree, but I have not planned my year

so, just like a party, I’m going to break it down


Jan  (Australia day)

Feb (Family Birthday)

Mar (Family Birthday)


May (Mothers day)

June (Family Birthday)

July (Family Birthday)

August (car rego due)

September (Fathers day)

October – (Family Birthday)

November (Halloween)

December (Christmas/NewYear)

even though there are 365 days, it really does get broken down to little chunks so the idea is to chunk down,

with only 12 things to look at that makes it a little easier, within the 12 there are roughly 4 weeks

Jan  (Australia day) –                     –                      –                    –                       –

Feb (Family Birthday)-                   –                     –                    –                       –

Mar (Family Birthday)-                    –                    –                      –                      –

April                                 –                   –                    –                      –                      –

May (Mothers day)       –                    –                     –                      –                       –

June (Family Birthday) –                   –                     –                        –                       –

July (Family Birthday)-                     –                    –                       –                        –

August (car rego due)  –                      –                     –                    –                       –

September (Fathers day) –                   –                    –                   –                         –

October – (Family Birthday)-                   –                –                   –                        –

November (Halloween)    –                       –                    –                   –                      –

December (Christmas/NewYear) –                –                   –                    –                    –


Again, looking at it like this is already a little easier, so this is where I am leaving it now, but i’ll pick this up again later, chunking down then breaking the work up into chunks will help me step through all the things I have to do.


What techniques do you use? how do you make the magic happen?






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