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Fun Games that cost Nothing

Here are some fun games that kids would love and cost you nothing!

Treasure Hunt Game

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A treasure hunt is one of many different types of games with five or more players who try to find hidden objects or places by following a series of clues. Treasure hunt games may be an indoor or outdoor activity. Outdoors it can be played in a garden, indoors it can be played in a specific room, which would make the work of hiding the clues harder.


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Button, button, who’s got the button is a game of ingenuity where players form a circle with their hands out, palms together. One child, called the leader or ‘it’, takes an object such as a button and goes around the circle, putting their hands in everybody else’s hands one by one. In one person’s hands they drop the button, though they continue to put their hands in the others’ so that no one knows where the button is except for the giver and receiver.

The leader, or all the children in the circle, says “Button, button, who’s got the button?” and then each child in the circle guesses. The child guessing replies with their choice, e.g. “Billy has the button!”

Once the child with the button is finally guessed, that child is the one to distribute the button and start a new round.

Marco Polo

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The sport Marco Polo is an American form of tag played in a swimming pool.

One player is chosen as “It”. This player closes his or her eyes and tries to find and tag the other players without the use of vision. The player who is “It” shouts “Marco” and the other players must respond by shouting “Polo”, which “It” uses to try to find them. If a player is tagged, then that player becomes “It.”

The game can also be played on land, with slightly modified rules, or played with the addition of rules from Fish out of Water and others. It is similar to blind man’s buff, where one person is blindfolded while others choose hiding places around the room.

Hot Potato

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Hot potato is a party game guaranteed to get the kids and grown-ups laughing. Play with the whole family or leave it to the kids as they discover the fun and excitement of racing the music to pass the potato!

What’s in the bag

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non-transparent bag
lots of household objects
A great guessing game that you can make entirely age appropriate.

Put a few things in the bag from around the house – like paperclips, a coin, a lime, a toy car, a dog biscuit, a rock, etc.

Let your child reach into the bag and choose an object.

Encourage them to feel it, roll it in their hands and imagine what it might be.

Ask them to guess before pulling it out.

For older children, make the objects less defined by their shape.

Simon Says

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Designate one person as Simon and the others as players. Simon stands in front of the players and tells them what they must do. Use the activity sheet below to get some funny simon says ideas or use your own. Important: the players must only obey commands that begin with the words ”Simon says”.

For example, if Simon says, “Simon says play air guitar,”, players must pretend to play guitar. Then if Simon says “kiss your tummy”, WITHOUT first saying “Simon says,” players must not kiss. Whoever follows the command that doesn’t have Simon says are out of the game.

Steal the Bacon

How to Play Steal the Bacon

A fun tag game played by children for years, Steal the Bacon continues to be a playground favorite. A number of variations make the game suitable for every age and in many different environments. The object of the game is to steal the “bacon” and take it back to your side of the playing area without being tagged.

Water Balloon Toss

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Stand close together across from a partner and toss the water balloon, moving further and further apart with each toss.

Capture the Flag

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To defend your flag, you can tag any opponent on your territory and send them to “jail” until they are tagged by their teammate to be set free. The first team to capture the other’s flag wins the round. If the game was quick you usually switch sides, re-hide the flags, and play again.

Elephant Tag of War

Elephant Tug of War

When the Guests arrive:

Step 1: Divide the guests into two even teams. Try to make the teams even by size as well. Don’t put all the taller or stronger children on one team.

Step 2: Tell the teams to each pick one child to be the elephant.

Step 3: Make a line on the floor with a piece of tape, or chalk, or have the children stand on opposite sides of a doorway.

Step 4: The elephants then hold hands, and try to pull each other across the line, or through the doorway.

Step 5: Continue until every guest has had a chance to be the elephant.

Step 6: The team that pulled their opponents over the line or through the door the most times wins.


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