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Balloon Flowers, an Amazing alternative

Decorating for events can be a simple basket of flowers (customer gets bad hay fever) or a whole extravaganza of colourful delight, balloons enhance the mood and Create a fabulous atmosphere if you are looking for something truly bespoke, look at for a balloon artist that will literally make a basket of flowers, there is no limit to the talent of some of the twisters I personally know, these baskets can be made of balloons as well, how crazy is that it’s like balloon ‘ception

Big flowers, little flowers, hand made posies and massive bouquets delivered, what is your favourite kind of flower? have you seen it made as a balloon?


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Remember, when you are working with balloon professionals in Australia, make sure they are part of BASAvic  The Balloon and Suppliers Association of Australia

We are well trained and professional, we can bring your ideas to life and help you create your reality

We are also a proud Member of PEBA, the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

We are against balloon releases, only use 100% biodegradable latex balloons and request our customers Pin and Bin for the best environmental results after you have used them

Balloons are Part of your Memories, when you celebrate with them, they add to the Atmosphere and the joy of your event, the photographs taken will last for ever and be seen by everyone you want to share that joy with. A joy shared is a Joy doubled, Just as the feelings you get when celebrating come back every time you look at those photos again.

Have a great week


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