Are you lost when it comes to running Party Games for a Princess theme? well, here are some ideas from your Melbourne Kids Party Professionals.

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if you want a more hands on approach (and fair enough)

Here are some ideas

Making your Crown, get gold cardboard and cut into shape get sticker jewels from your local variety store, the kids can make a gorgeous crown and then you can have a princess parade

All type of crowns for all types of princesses

Magic Carpet ride – Kids Party Game

Princesses set up a start and a finish line, they line up on a carpet square or pillow case, and sit on, to move they rock side to side or scoot along on their bottom , they “race” on their magic carpets to the finish line

Who sang this?

Have some princess songs ready and start to sing them, kids that get the most right get another jewel in their crown

Make your own lipgloss

Depending on how old the party attendees are, you can make lip gloss with Aloeveragel, glycerin and cosmetic glitter, get little pots from the variety stores and they can mix and pack their own gloss, they can also decorate the pots with stick on jewels


Take turns in acting out the adventures of your favourite princess, every right answer gets a jewel on their crown

I’m a princess.. what will I wear?

Any doll will do, but for very little ones, you can get them to re create or invent a brand now gown for their dolls in play doh, this is of course non competitive and it’s just nice for them to do it

So that’s all I’ve got for the moment, when I think of some more, I’ll add to this post, have a marvellous week, I wish you and you family happiness and health- Mel

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