Rainbow Unicorn Party Pole

Birthday parties and all celebrations are still on!! and now, they’re online, and in drive by mode,  its quite the change.

We strongly suggest you get a hold of an Entertainer in your area

Entertainers are  now offering Virtual party kits

with slime or another craft for all your party attendees to make together/online

These are the sorts of parties we are now running

Virtual iso Party Planning made easy

1 time day/date

2 what will they do?

3. pack party packs with a cupcake / slice of cake  and a craft or thing that  you will have them do

4  have a party pole installed and hang out the front so that your friends can drive by and you can swap gifts for party pack boxes for everyone to curbside pick up

5 Go back home and get onto Zoom or another virtual attendance set up

6 have an entertainer (usually the one that organises the crafty bits etc) run a few party games online, chat and make the craft, sing the birthday song and everyone gets their cake

7. you can have a watch party for a movie and the kids can chat at the same time.. so doing something together / apart

virtual party note..,

**it’s a bit fussy to start, but very little clean up at the end

** it also means that grand parents and even interstate relatives can join in the party for a bit

I hope this help, stay safe


Yard Art

Party Pole for a Virtual Birthday

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