Ideas for games, running time etc for a childs birthday party

So, you’re running a pirate birthday party?  Fab


Simple party

Making a simple pirate cake

Mix butter cream icing – whip pure non salted butter till white and fluffy, add pure icing sugar, and vanilla flavouring

Purchase a chocolate mud cake from supermarket, peel off the icing, cut the cake into a boat shape


A little bit more Piratey

  1. Check Pinterst for decoration ideas
  2. decide on your cake style, are you making or purchasing
  3. Do you have appropriate music? piratey but kiddy too?
  4. Pirate party games


Pirate Extraveganzaaaarrrrrrr

Send your invites out 3 to 4 weeks in advance, and remember to get mobile phone numbers of all the guests carers (just in case you have to call it off or something)




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