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Massive balloon decorations

Some days you just love what you do so much.

Being a Balloon artist I am part of a quite small but skilled community, I love that we pull together for events like this, a couple of fellow balloonatics got married so we all converged on Noosa Leisure Center and built an Enchanted Balloon Forest, it was so much fun

I ran lead on the wedding cake, it was Fabulous

5meters (14ft) tall it took two artists and 6 or more helpers two days to create

Stay tuned for more amazing photographs from #ozballoonwedding @noosaleisurecentre

Because Miss Donna and Mr Jay got married

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Unicorn party – games and set up

There are just so many ways to theme up a party, and play around with what you can do

Depending on their ages, there are so many things that could work for this style of party

I recently did an 8yo Unicorn party, it was Fabulous, here are some of  the games we played

The most important thing is to engage their imagination, and for this, you don’t really need much, just a dash of silliness and some coloured material

First step is, decide with the kids (I have had them tell me it’s a fart/tinkle noise)  what noise a unicorn makes and that is the sound to start and finish games

Have pockets of glitter and make the unicorn sound and throw glitter in the air

  1. tell a story together, this is done with a lot of engagement from the children, we tell a story of a little unicorn (children name and age the unicorn) you start the adventure with this unicorn sleeping and have the chldren be asleep.  then make up a story with the kids input (remember the input because you retell it backwards as the unicorn goes out for an adventure then finds it’s way back home.  The children absolutely love this game, because it engages them in all forms, they get to create a character and take it on an adventure that is all their own

2. Team games, make two hobby horse unicorns out of balloons and have the two teams race once around the table/chair/clothesline and then hand the hobby horse (they mush ride it like its a horse)  over to the next one in line, the team done first starts neighing loudly

3. balancing games with a parachute – kids in the centre are wearing the unicorn horn (balloon horn perhaps) and then you can wash them in the huge unicorn  washing machine (everyone runs around the circle with the edge of the parachute, it twists up and the unicorn in the centre needs to keep their balance

more parachute games here

Running games – blow up a balloon if they can (most cant) assist with your balloon pump and tie off  then they have races frontways backways sideways all together around the yard

2 teams

Jelly bean / Marshmallow run – spoon in mouth,(everyone has their own spoon) picking it up from one bowl and putting it in another

Unicorn tails (snakes or rainbow straps) pegged on a string and have an eating competition

Make unicorn Gel – clear aloe vera Gel plus a drop of glycerine plus loads of super fine glitter can be used for skin or cheeks or lips (always avoid eyes) This is an excellent one for older kids, get them to decorate the pots you put it all in after they have made their magical glitter Gel

Make glitter slime, I have been making slime for years with kids, however there is now an issue with borax so we don’t use it any more, here is a slime recipe that I have been using and adding glitter too so it’s all squishy and lovely

  • 1.5 cups  of white glue
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • 2 tablespoons of  saline solution (make it yourself with water and salt)

Mix it, add some shaving foam to make it fluffy, then add food colouring and glitter, loads of glitter, it’s a gooey slimey mess

Aaany way, I had heaps of fun at the party, so did my little friends, happy Unicorning


Peace and love





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Arches and decorations setting the scene for your event 

When you plan an event what feeling are you getting across? Is it a convention or a birthday party or product launch? When you decide the atmosphere you want the guests/delegates to feel, balloons set the scene and are gorgeous so you can get your attendees to hashtag #yourevent, set selfie prizes on Instagram and across all your social media, balloons and our outstanding high impact decor share well, look amazing and will keep people talking

Choosing the pieces you want for your event is all about the venue, sometimes less is more, an entry arch  or two columns as the guests are coming in set the scene, perhaps lights or multiple floor decorations giving a “red carpet” feel,  table centerpieces and another gorgeous backdrop for photos, or even, a photoframe are quite on trend now

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Retail decorations 

Sometimes it’s to celebrate a season or a sports team, sometimes it’s for fun, sometimes it’s to highlight an area of the store, but every now and then, a little fancy, a little changeing it up with some colour makes the world of difference to the way the staff feel and therefore the customers feel too, a breath of fresh air in the form of  colour and movement

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Hot air ballooning 😆

I’ve just gotten back from some training (always working on making things better for my customers), one of the luxurious gifts I can now deliver are Hot air balloons, seriously the most fab thing I’ve seen, they take ages to make and are quite simply sumptuous and are ready to be delivered today, order by 1pm Melbourne time to have it delivered before 5


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Nothing says winter in Australia like Citrus and we are all a flutter with the yummyness 

I was asked yesterday to install something cool for Citrus and this is a nice little display I’m kinda proud of, it’s a little odd but I like that 😊 the 3ft balloon that’s an orange makes me very happy

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Making 3ft(90cm) confetti balloons 

This has been An extraordinary learning curve, I’m always training, and as I’m getting more  experience it’s a pleasure to help people celebrate their events and create amazing atmosphere for guests.

Tonight I did some decor for a lovely event, gorgeous 3ft confetti balloons with tassels, dance floor decor with 10 helium balloons on top … so many table decorations

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Party venue review – Kustom Burgers 

Paul and Tracey are the hard working owners of Kustomburgers 501 high street Thornbury, Melbourne. Phone 03 94849316

I must admit, I took ages to come in because I thought it was a basic burger joint, but Kustomburgers was honestly a surprise.

The menu skews more adult and frankly is some of the best tasting burgers I’ve had for years, we had fried pickles (omg) the chips are great and the coleslaw was fresh and lovely

And the thick shakes (snickers is my favourite)

Now, as a party venue it’s designed for adults, however after talking to  Paul, they open 11am and close at 10pm, if you were to take your kids there after school or sat/sun morning, you could book out the back room, it’s called Rudy’s room and has A bar (only serving adults) and he will sort out nuggets etc of you wish, but the burgers are great!!

There is a huge TV with a wii attached in the front, great diner deco with booths, the loo is close out the back.  one male one female, they are clean and well appointed

All in all this is a great venue, parking may be tricky, but it’s a nice place to eat and listen to rockin songs, older children so 10 plus, this is a great venue for them to chat and muck around in, have a look at the photos and call Paul of you want to chat

I must say the Thick shakes are just lovely, I had a snickers, hubby had cookies and cream and my Daughter had Nutella, they were really yummy

Ps I paid for all my meal and didn’t tell them I was reviewing until I asked about times etc at the end