Singing balloon a gram

Singing Telegrams in Melbourne, Australia

it’s a Singing Telegram with a Balloon Delivery and entertainment.

It’s the Ultimate in Delivery Experience, Because Groovy will let the world and all your neighbors know where there party is at!

Groovy will arrive at the home or office with fanfare and Bells a Ringin’, She will provide contactless Balloon gift Delivery and then get EVERYBODY singing along to the Birthday/Anniversary/Engagement/Divorced Balloon recipient

Balloons and Tunes

So it’s up to you to decide what level of “Singing Telegram” joy you want to give

We can go from a Child’s contactless delivery of Gorgeous Birthday Balloons and a Rousing “Happy Birthday”, to a very special song with a personal message to full backing tracks and live balloon twisting, all singing all dancing performance

just talk to us, tell us who it is for and what sort of person they are, choose one of the premade balloon packages and let us know day and time, we will be there with all the Bells on, and more

Prices are what level of embarrassment you want to inflict!

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