3ft fun @groovyballoons

You cannot top the 3ft Balloon for high impact decorations, I personally have used them as centrepieces for a 30th Birthday Party, Confirmations, Gender reveals, Christenings, Valentines deliveries and so very many more, They Fill out an Organic balloon garland beautifully, I have made them into floating unicorns and painted faces on them, used asContinue reading “3ft fun @groovyballoons”

All the colours of the rainbow

On the weekend, I became a CBA, This qualification came from Qualatex, it means that I have passed the high standard of creating amazing balloon art and understanding the principals Of Design, colour, line, rhythm harmony This is such a boost for me getting my act together and making this crazy balloon business work betterContinue reading “All the colours of the rainbow”

Unicorn party – games and set up

There are just so many ways to theme up a party, and play around with what you can do Depending on their ages, there are so many things that could work for this style of party I recently did an 8yo Unicorn party, it was Fabulous, here are some of  the games we played TheContinue reading “Unicorn party – games and set up”

Arches and decorations setting the scene for your event 

When you plan an event what feeling are you getting across? Is it a convention or a birthday party or product launch? When you decide the atmosphere you want the guests/delegates to feel, balloons set the scene and are gorgeous so you can get your attendees to hashtag #yourevent, set selfie prizes on Instagram andContinue reading “Arches and decorations setting the scene for your event “

Hot air ballooning 😆

I’ve just gotten back from some training (always working on making things better for my customers), one of the luxurious gifts I can now deliver are Hot air balloons, seriously the most fab thing I’ve seen, they take ages to make and are quite simply sumptuous and are ready to be delivered today, order byContinue reading “Hot air ballooning 😆”

Nothing says winter in Australia like Citrus and we are all a flutter with the yummyness 

I was asked yesterday to install something cool for Citrus and this is a nice little display I’m kinda proud of, it’s a little odd but I like that 😊 the 3ft balloon that’s an orange makes me very happy