Unicorn party – games and set up

There are just so many ways to theme up a party, and play around with what you can do Depending on their ages, there are so many things that could work for this style of party I recently did an 8yo Unicorn party, it was Fabulous, here are some of  the games we played TheContinue reading “Unicorn party – games and set up”

End of fire season CFA party 

In the Southern Hemisphere we are now in autumn, it’s getting cooler more wet whilst the CFA do AMAZing work all through the year, they throw a little shindig to celebrate the end of the Fire season, this is the third year I’ve been invited and I’m very lucky to be a part of theseContinue reading “End of fire season CFA party “

Making body scrubs on International women’s day 

#latepost I get to do lots of cool things for lots of cool people, on international women’s day, I got to teach lots of women how to make their own foot soaks and body scrubs, so much fun- everyone went away with a couple of pots of scrummy yummy scrubs  All natural, these can beContinue reading “Making body scrubs on International women’s day “

Slot cars, a different kind of party

All the fun of the race track, bring back the memories of the 70’s with slot car races, in melbourne, Australia we have Raceparty.com we are here for an adult party but kids can totally rock the track  2 rooms, Albert park and Monaco, there is a caller who gets everyone pumped for the race,Continue reading “Slot cars, a different kind of party”

Fart-lab Adelaide Fringe festival 

Tonight’s show was great, we joked and sang and make rude noises, 83 in the audience tonight, I was so busy I could barely take a photo, here are a couple  This was the penultimate show Fartlab has been running at the adelaide fringe for 3weekends and boy, are we tired 🙂 catch you onContinue reading “Fart-lab Adelaide Fringe festival “

This is what being a Professional is all about, Being Prepared

So many times I get questioned about why we are expensive, and I get it, you want to look after the budget, but this is why you want want to only work with professionals. Today, I was twisting balloons and entertaining the crowd,  A little girl about 12 so not that little I guess, atContinue reading “This is what being a Professional is all about, Being Prepared”

FARTLAB – Perth Australia Fringeworld performance

Hi there, Groovy balloons is on the road, this time we are at Perth Fringeworld performing FARTLAB, a story of science, comedy and farts! We are currently three shows down and are rocking full houses, it’s awsome good fun, two families walk away with huge balloon columns… check out these photos 

Thinking of using a Children’s Play land for your little one’s party?

Choosing the Venue can be tricky, what exactly do you want to do? Basically you are swapping effort for cash Birthday Parties and Indoor playgrounds Do you want to walk in, have it catered and walk out? no cleaning and no fuss? for a Children’s party, there are many playland options, they usually have foodContinue reading “Thinking of using a Children’s Play land for your little one’s party?”