Hot air ballooning ­čść

I’ve just gotten back from some training (always working on making things better for my customers), one of the luxurious gifts I can now deliver are Hot air balloons, seriously the most fab thing I’ve seen, they take ages to make and are quite simply sumptuous and are ready to be delivered today, order by 1pm Melbourne time to have it delivered before 5


Mother’s Day is in its way┬á

In the Southern Hemisphere(Australia), it’s late autumn and we are about to celebrate Mother’s Day, (2nd Sunday in may) all the pretties are out and about and I get to build some spectacular arches and decor for some stores, thank you for believing in my art, it’s an honour to do this for a living #blessed #balloons #lovethis 

Balloon training last night 

As professionals, we are always training, getting better, moving forward in what we do, techniques and styles. 

Last night I had a training session with Matt Falloon, he’s quite the teacher, 

These are called popups, they are balloons that right themselves 

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