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Bespoke Elephant, for a very special Birthday, its all about Delivering the best for your customers

When the call came through for an Elephant for a Birthday Party I was surprised, not many people are willing to go so big, it turns out this party was more that meets the eye, all the family had come in to Melbourne from all corners of the globe, this was a very loved and wanted  Grand and Great Grand Child.


Something Amazing happened, To Further make this Bespoke, all the family started signing the elephant, I had white pens and they were writing so many missives of love for that little guy it really was a super special event, all circus theme with balloon twisting, and even a carousel this family knows how to party.

At the end of the party we took high quality pictures of the elephant with all the letters of love on it.

I loved making this piece because I know that this Elephant will be in the the family album for the rest of the little fella’s life, so many photos in front of the Elephant for all the family,

It was a Joy to be a part of this day

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We are also a proud Member of PEBA, the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

We are against balloon releases, only use 100% biodegradable latex balloons and request our customers Pin and Bin for the best environmental results after you have used them

Balloons are Part of your Memories, when you celebrate with them, they add to the Atmosphere and the joy of your event, the photographs taken will last for ever and be seen by everyone you want to share that joy with. A joy shared is a Joy doubled, Just as the feelings you get when celebrating come back every time you look at those photos again.

Have a great week



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Making the best of things

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Sometimes a job is not perfect, gets rained out, people are quite crotchety or, don’t want to pay…. relax, breathe, just keep on working, doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

The benefit of always doing your best means that if it’s not good enough for others, that my dear, is their problem, always communicate with your lovely customers, I believe almost all issues are fixed with communication.

Peace and love my friends


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Why be a clown?

Every time someone asks me “”how did you start ballooning? Truth be told, it’s because I saw an entertainer at a kinds party being boring, the face painting and balloons were nice, but the entertainer wasn’t, he was probably having a bad day but he barely cracked a smile… In my book, that’s bit good enough … The role of the entertainer is to move people one way or another, we are emotive beings, having a perky funny silly person around lightens most peoples moods even if through shadenfraude … Who cares right? A laugh is a laugh… If more people revel in joy, how much better would the world be?

Do something good for yourself, and the world, share a laugh

Hugs from Me

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The art of balloonacy

Being a balloon twister is fun, twisting balloons has taken me many places, but the most amazing thing it does.

Is it gives joy to others… And conversely to me.

Today I made quite a few balloons, most looked great, but even after many years I still knock out a dodgy one, my customers think they’re fantastic, but with my artistic eye see differences in proportion, and I hand it over to a child vibrating with joy… I smile and smile, it’s all about the joy…

Peace and love my friends