Christmas 2021!

Welcome to the christmas-only specials page. Here we’re building and collecting our christmas themed balloons! We’re always adding more so check back regularly!

If you have something special in mind and want to order a custom build, contact us!


Table Character Balloon Sculpture

Created just for you and delivered wherever you are, these pieces are sure to delight!

Sitting pretty on a reception desk or rounding out the decor for your Christmas buffet, each of our creations brings joy wherever they go!



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Standing Jumbo Balloon Sculpture

Huge and Impressive, these jumbo sculptures are impactful anywhere you put them!

Created just for you and delivered on site,   these pieces stand over 2 meters high and 1 meter wide.

Whenever we make them, they stand out!!  they are available in all colours and shapes, if something isn’t on the list, contact us!
Do you want a Pink Duck? of course! A blue Frog? whatever you like!




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