Jumbo Balloon Characters

  • Jumbo Reindeer Balloon sculpture in Bunnings store
  • Large Jumbo Santa
  • Jumbo Clown Delivery
  • Jumbo Owl to be Delivery
  • Jumbo Care Bear Balloon Delivered
  • Jumbo Witch Balloon Sculpture Delivered
  • Jumbo Duck Balloon Delivered
  • Jumbo Penquin Delivered
  • Jumbo Monkey Balloon Sculpture delivered
  • Jumbo Frog sculpture Delivered
  • Iumbo Pirate Sculpture delivered
  • Jumbo Balloon Lady Bird sculpture

Gorgeous Enormous Balloon Characters

They are 2 Meters tall and almost a full meter wide at the tummy, These Characters are incredibly cool and will set the scene in your event, impress all your guests with a couple of these beauties. Balloon Art in Melbourne is here to stay!!

Please contact us to discuss when and where you want one delivered, we can arrange for a package deal, contact us below

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