Creative Workshops

Plaster Painting

We run super fun Plaster painting workshops in your venue, for huge events and small birthday parties, we bring everything you need, and clean up afterwards,  all paint, glitter and stick ons, Each child gets one plaster piece (or more depending on the booking) we have great music, bubbles and large colouring pages for them to work on afterwards (as some are faster than others)


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Clay Pot Making

Do you remember making pinch pots as a kid? how much fun was that? Making your own clay pot is an adventure all on it’s own, we have seen birds, bowls and even The Colosseum!! We use specialised Air drying clay, each child gets a set amount and they go to town, It usually takes about half an hour per child and they walk away with an amazing piece of art that they can use for a little nick-nack bowl.

It is firm after about ten minutes and takes 24 hours to “cure” so they can paint on it. we also bring little trinkets that they can embed, eg googly eyes, sparkles, even feathers, all events, Private parties to large corporate events Just pick up the phone or email us through the site


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Balloon workshops

For an Amazing time, we are running Balloon workshops, we can run these for any amount of people, the joy of learning how to twist a balloon and the feelings of success, you can see how excited the participants are, this workshop is for 3 + , seriously, if you can squeeze a balloon, you can do this.. adults love it too!! because they learn so they can impress their own kids

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Ask about


Paper Making

Soap Making



so many workshops,  we can do it all, if you have something you would like us to do, just email and we will work it out for you 🙂

For your party or event, if you want a more hands on adventure for everyone, we run many types of workshops

Edutainmnent is its purest form, out presenters/entertainers are great at what we do and engaging for the whole family