Face Painting

Are you after some Fabulous Artwork?

Face Painting in  Melbourne?  for your party or event? we have face painters and face and body painting artists, anywhere, anytime!

At Groovy Balloons and Entertainment, we talented Face/Body Painting artists in Melbourne, We wear colourful clothing and are extremely entertaining to watch, add colour to your event with a fabulous flourish!!

The usual rate is

$110 per hour      2 hours is $220         any more than two hours  TBA

Please note** each face  takes 4-6minutes, please multiply 6 x how many children you want a facepaint  for and that will tell how many hours we are needed

**eg 30 children x 6 mins per child = 180 mins (some faces are super quick faster than others so we would call this a two hours session and go as fast as we can)

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