Glitter / Airbrush / Henna Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are a fabulous alternative to facepaint when you are having a pool party, the Glitter tattoo stays for up to three days and looks fabulous, when you want to take it off, just a little baby oil will wipe it clear

For stand alone Glitter Tattoos Pricing is from $100/ph **

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Airbrush/Dab Dab Tattoos

These Tattoos can look like the real deal, they go on easily and will wear off in a few days, the pigment gets brushed or sponged on and sealed with a special powder, it comes in many colours and looks smashing for ages, you can swim or wash and it will stay on

For stand alone Airbrush/Dab dab Tattoos,  Pricing is from $100/ph **

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Henna Tattoos


Henna is a well known temporary tattoo technique, we can use either stencils or freehand designs, they are gorgeous and will last for up to a week

For stand alone Henna Tattoos Pricing is  from $100/ph **





** Talk to us about package deals, multiple hours/days, Birthday Party packages etc