Science Workshops 

Educational Entertainment 

Birthday Parties $260 for up to 20 children (1.5 hrs)

Bath Bombs (Chemistry)

Using the science of chemistry, we create  beautiful bath bombs, or, foor bath bombs in peppermint (for a more male scent)  They’re like a Fizzy, Fabulous, full body Berocca, the workshoppers get to blend and create and press this lovely bath bombs.  They take home two beautifully wrapped bath bombs and the recipe. This workshop has been run hundreds of times, for Ladies Days, childrens holiday workshops and Birthday Parties, just check out the photos… contact us for an unusual workshop where everyone goes home with something beautiful that they made.

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Slime (Chemistry)

Learning about long chain polymers, Non Newtonian fluid and all the  ooey gooey fun of slime.  This workshop is messy and fun!! the squeals of delight as they see the slime come together. The children make and take home two types of slime, they get to add any type of colour / glitter and occasionally, adding googly eyes or maybe even snakes or worms into the mix (depending on what is requested/brought on the day)

Contact us for a Super slimey adventure ASAP!!

Sherbet (Chemistry)

This is all about food science, a tangy lovely mixture that the kids can make and take home, They learn about acids and bases, catalysts and interactions of chemicals getting the right balance, trying, mixing and tasting 🙂 what a great idea to have science, lollies and fun all in one

Kids take home two types of sherbet they have made for themselves, learn about how it’s made and come home with the recipe so they can make it at home for themselves later

Rocket Science (propulsion)

A hands on workshop, finding out about propulsion, the kids get to make their own rocket and make it go as far and fast as they can, we discuss what sort of fuel is used and how propulsion is achieved with different techniques and how we achieve stability in rockets.

Children go home with a rocket they have made themselves and a spark of interest in how things move.

Fizz Pop Bang (Explosions)

This one is loud and highly interactive, we discuss explosions that happen around us, large (The Sun) and small (Fizzy drinks), and the ways that by harnessing these little explosions, we make our lives a little better every day.  we try to explode a paper bag with our own breath, use a volcano and actually explode a balloon (with a good safety margin), the children also stick their hand in a small explosion and walk away with some tasty pop rock lollies

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