3ft (90cm) Confetti Balloon


3ft Confetti Balloons

90CM confetti balloon in any colours with tassels

Choose your Colour Theme!

Select the colours for your confetti balloon design, make a rainbow, or jazz it up with shining gold and silver!

Message for your card

Include gift money

Gift money included as cash in the card

Include a sweet treat

Include some chocolates

Extra Notes

Any information you think is important about this gift, note any allergy information for gifts that include food or drink too please.

Shipping Calculator by Postcode


Gorgeous 90cm Confetti Balloon 

Complete with Tassels and any colours you would like,

These Balloons are Massive and Impressive, They fill space in a large room and are equally as good as a table centrepiece or an impressive Floor Decoration to let people know where the party is at.

Add a Personalised Message on the balloon for $9.90


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