Personalised Gift Box Sweet Pack!


Gift Box – Sweet Pack
Surprise your loved ones with a custom gift box filled with all kinds of goodies!

The sweet pack includes 1 Drink of your choice, stacks of sweet treats and chocolate!
Include a personal message with your order by telling us what you want on the balloon or a card!

Message for your card

Include gift money

Gift money included as cash in the card

Include a sweet treat

Include some chocolates

Extra Notes

Any information you think is important about this gift, note any allergy information for gifts that include food or drink too please.

Shipping Calculator by Postcode



Please note ** because of Covid restrictions, I cannot always keep exactly these items in stock, however I will absolutely do my best to keep it the same (or, very similar )

1 Beer (as described below)
1 Dark Chocolate Favourites Box 352g
1 MIlk Chocolate Toblerone 360g
1 Maltesers Box 100g
1 M&M’s Bag 49g
1 Peanut M&M’s bag 46g

Beer Options:
Mack Daddy – Moon Dog Dark Ale – can
Old Mate – Moon Dog Pale Ale – can
Coronita Extra – Corona 210ml – bottle

Additional information

Beer type

Any, Corona, Moon Dog Pale Ale, Moon Dog Dark Ale

Box Colour

White, Black, Buff

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