Personalised Gift Box Sweet Pack!


Gift Box – Sweet Pack
Surprise your loved ones with a custom gift box filled with all kinds of goodies!

The sweet pack includes 1 Drink of your choice, stacks of sweet treats and chocolate!
Include a personal message with your order by telling us what you want on the balloon or a card!

Message for your card

Include gift money

Gift money included as cash in the card

Include a sweet treat

None Bag of jelly beans +$7.00 Jar of jelly beans +$9.00 Bag of Fantales +$7.00 Bag of Minties +$7.00 Large Rainbow Lollipop +$8.00

Include some chocolates

None Lindt chocolate 4 pack +$8.00 Lindt chocolate 6 pack +$10.00 Chocolate assortment 150gr +$7.00 Chocolate assortment 300gr +$12.00

Extra Notes

Any information you think is important about this gift, note any allergy information for gifts that include food or drink too please.

Shipping Calculator by Postcode



Please note ** because of Covid restrictions, I cannot always keep exactly these items in stock, however I will absolutely do my best to keep it the same (or, very similar )

1 Beer (as described below)
1 Dark Chocolate Favourites Box 352g
1 MIlk Chocolate Toblerone 360g
1 Maltesers Box 100g
1 M&M’s Bag 49g
1 Peanut M&M’s bag 46g

Beer Options:
Mack Daddy – Moon Dog Dark Ale – can
Old Mate – Moon Dog Pale Ale – can
Coronita Extra – Corona 210ml – bottle

Additional information

Beer type

Any, Corona, Moon Dog Pale Ale, Moon Dog Dark Ale

Box Colour

White, Black, Buff

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