Confetti & Cash 7 balloon PopIt bouquet


Confetti Filled balloon that you can add cash to, 
7 balloon bouquet, top balloon is 16″ filled with your choice of paper confetti 
so when it’s popped, it will “rain money” for the recipient



Choose a colour for the 16″ top balloon

Choose your colour blend of Confetti

there are 6 x 11″ balloons

Add $ for gift delivery in $5 notes rolled and put into the 16″ PopIt balloon

Shipping Calculator by Postcode

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Confetti & Cash 7 balloon PopIt bouquet

This Stunning Bouquet has 7 Balloons, we can roll up $5 notes and put them in the top balloon and provide a decorated popping stick so that it will rain money

it is a Medium size bouquet,

Top balloon is a 16″ balloon filled with confetti and  $$

Pick the colour of the top balloon, I can put confetti in it to pop it

Then pick the colours of the 6 balloon bouquet

you will receive a popping stick as well



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