Bubble balloon with Confetti and sweets in pop up premium white gift delivery box. 50cm x 50cm x 50cm


Printed Bubble balloon pop up gift delivery box

Gorgeous colourful personalised Helium pop up balloon

Delivered within Melbourne, on decorative ribbon with lots of candy

White large lidded hamper style gift box

This box is  50cm x 50cm x 50cm and arrives decorated inside and out  with tissue paper.

ribbons. confetti and small helium balloons in the colour palette of your choice,


** Please let us know the Preferred colours of the person we are delivering this to

** Also, please note, because of stock shortages in Australia, I may need to substitute the preferred balloon, but, I will contact you and discuss alternatives

13 in stock

Replace your Pop Up String with Cash!

We hang notes under the balloon, so that when the balloon floats up it reveals your cash gift!
(A 10% cost applies for labour)

Use this option to add a personalised vinyl cut message to your balloon! Free of charge,

Message for your card

Include gift money

Gift money included as cash in the card

Include a sweet treat

None Bag of jelly beans +$7.00 Jar of jelly beans +$9.00 Bag of Fantales +$7.00 Bag of Minties +$7.00 Large Rainbow Lollipop +$8.00

Include some chocolates

None Lindt chocolate 4 pack +$8.00 Lindt chocolate 6 pack +$10.00 Chocolate assortment 150gr +$7.00 Chocolate assortment 300gr +$12.00

Extra Notes

Any information you think is important about this gift, note any allergy information for gifts that include food or drink too please.

Shipping Calculator by Postcode


Gorgeous Surprise Gift Box Delivered  

Open the lid on this Decorated gift box and an Enormous, long lasting & colourful  balloon pops out inside the box is filled with Confetti and some helium, some airfilled gorgeous balloons.

The large helium balloon is on decorative ribbon with tassels

And lots of candy sprinkled through 

This Delightful Delivery comes with a Card so remember to Write a Message for the intended in the Message box 

***please note, due to covid, wholesalers do not have all designs available, we may have to substitute, but, we will do our best and make it amazing ***+

This gift is perfect for
  • Graduations
  • Celebrating VCE Results
  • birthdays
  • celebrating a special person's success
  • or even just an I miss you Surprise
  • Add Chocolates or bubbly for a super surprise


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