Fairy in training Fun Box – Pop up gift box


Fairy in training bumper Gift Box 

This Magical Fairy in training gift box will have your little fairy magically transfixed for hours


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Fairy in Training Box

This wonderful gift box comes complete for a fairy good time!!

The box is decorated on the outside and once the top ribbon is pulled, a personalised heart balloon pops up with    (child’s name)  fairy in training   personalised on it

inside the box is

  • 1 Set of Wings, Wand and Fairy Bobbly Crown
  • 1 Gorgeous tulle Ballerina TUTU
  • 1 Set of Shiny Pom Poms
  • 1 Set of colorful fishnet gloves
  • 1 bubble wand
  • 1 set of Rainbow  Diamonties
  • 1 set of Fizzy Bath powder DIY bath potion kit
  • 1 Pop up personalised Heart Balloon
  • 1 set of fairy colouring in cardboard cut outs
  • 5 Freddo Frogs


Colour set for the wings etc is really a mix, but let me know your preferences and i’ll do the best I can to accomodate your choice

Let me know the child’s name and we will personalise the balloon

Colour choices are






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