3ft fun @groovyballoons

You cannot top the 3ft Balloon for high impact decorations, I personally have used them as centrepieces for a 30th Birthday Party, Confirmations, Gender reveals, Christenings, Valentines deliveries and so very many more,

They Fill out an Organic balloon garland beautifully, I have made them into floating unicorns and painted faces on them, used as toppers of balloon columns, I have made them into Elephants, Massive Spiders, Pumpkins for Halloween and even massive AFL style Footballs, I have made massive balloon animals or Hearts, just look at the photos, they are crazy!

The beauty of using premium quality latex balloons is, no only are they stunning, they are Biodegradable, so when you pin an bin them, after you have had all the fun and taken all the photos, they will de compose when properly taken care of (did you know, you can compost them?)

  • 3ft balloon, exploding balloon, 90cm balloon

If you want to discuss 3ft balloons, email me and lets have a chat

have a marvellous week



Making the best of things

Sometimes a job is not perfect, gets rained out, people are quite crotchety or, don’t want to pay…. relax, breathe, just keep on working, doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

The benefit of always doing your best means that if it’s not good enough for others, that my dear, is their problem, always communicate with your lovely customers, I believe almost all issues are fixed with communication.

Peace and love my friends


Why be a clown?

Every time someone asks me “”how did you start ballooning? Truth be told, it’s because I saw an entertainer at a kinds party being boring, the face painting and balloons were nice, but the entertainer wasn’t, he was probably having a bad day but he barely cracked a smile… In my book, that’s bit good enough … The role of the entertainer is to move people one way or another, we are emotive beings, having a perky funny silly person around lightens most peoples moods even if through shadenfraude … Who cares right? A laugh is a laugh… If more people revel in joy, how much better would the world be?

Do something good for yourself, and the world, share a laugh

Hugs from Me