Nothing says winter in Australia like Citrus and we are all a flutter with the yummyness 

I was asked yesterday to install something cool for Citrus and this is a nice little display I’m kinda proud of, it’s a little odd but I like that 😊 the 3ft balloon that’s an orange makes me very happy

Slot cars, a different kind of party

All the fun of the race track, bring back the memories of the 70’s with slot car races, in melbourne, Australia we have we are here for an adult party but kids can totally rock the track 
2 rooms, Albert park and Monaco, there is a caller who gets everyone pumped for the race, and boards tell who is where on the track, we had pizza delivered and there is a bar (alcohol) option available 
My professional opinion, go, take 10yo’s up, they will Love it 


Last show for adelaide.., Fartlab rocking the fringe festival with a full house again 

We have just finished our last show for adelaide, Fartlab has been such a success, Professor frank has had the most amazing audiences, we’ve danced the chicken fart dance, we’ve acted and farted and had audience doing the most outrageous things, thank you, it’s been farttabulous 😊

AFL has finally got a women’s competition, I can’t make it, but I made a balloon 🎈😊

Well, it’s been a long time coming, Aussie rules has a female competition, it’s awsome that there are women playing this beautiful game, I couldn’t make it because of reasons, but I made a balloon to commemorate this historic event, The Nurses were very pleased #afl #gocarlton img_8512

Running a Birthday Party at Home

Are you Planning a Party at home?

There are so many variables, have you noticed that some people are all calm and collected when it comes to having a party at their place?

This is the sense of security you get with a little planning 

let’s look at the basics of planning a home Birthday Party

First, ask yourself five easy questions

  1. What is it for / what do you want to achieve? (this question will tell you how much effort to put in. and money spent…,  A low key backyard bbq is different to a full on pirate party).
  2. how many people? kids/adult numbers  (this will tell you how much space you need and food/person ratio) .
  3. How long is the party? (this will give you an idea of how to run it).
  4. Access to toilet facilities (lots of people mean lots of needs, do you have extra toilet paper/hand towels/soap/wipes for accidents and clear instructions if your toilet button needs to be jiggled or bathroom door is tricky to lock etc)
  5. Music/entertainment  (where is it needed? is there power available or do you get a battery powered speaker, how loud, do you want a playlist that goes from one music style to another)

A Few Tips for your party

Handy things to have on hand for the day

Masking tape to write on name tags for kids drink cups or fix something if needed, masking tape is also good for keeping the door unlocked, place tape over the tongue of the door lock and it will stay in.

Marker Pen for writing signs/nametags etc

Bluetac for random signs (eg bathroom) and pin the tail on the donkey type games

Wet wipes/Papertowels strategically placed because lots of people = oopsies

Lighter/Matches  for the candles (less people smoke now, make sure you have one)

Candles back up ones(many times candles  get forgotten)


Things to your guests may need to know

Local Taxi / Uber  contact (perhaps a little tipsy, better safe than sorry

Local Supermarket / Bottle Shop (because sometimes they need a certain thing)

Local 24hr Pharmacy or Heaven forbid,  available doctors surgery




If you have any more basic needs for parties. please let me know so we can fill out  the list together


Have a FAB week



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Making the best of things

Sometimes a job is not perfect, gets rained out, people are quite crotchety or, don’t want to pay…. relax, breathe, just keep on working, doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

The benefit of always doing your best means that if it’s not good enough for others, that my dear, is their problem, always communicate with your lovely customers, I believe almost all issues are fixed with communication.

Peace and love my friends


Why be a clown?

Every time someone asks me “”how did you start ballooning? Truth be told, it’s because I saw an entertainer at a kinds party being boring, the face painting and balloons were nice, but the entertainer wasn’t, he was probably having a bad day but he barely cracked a smile… In my book, that’s bit good enough … The role of the entertainer is to move people one way or another, we are emotive beings, having a perky funny silly person around lightens most peoples moods even if through shadenfraude … Who cares right? A laugh is a laugh… If more people revel in joy, how much better would the world be?

Do something good for yourself, and the world, share a laugh

Hugs from Me

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