Making the best of things

Sometimes a job is not perfect, gets rained out, people are quite crotchety or, don’t want to pay…. relax, breathe, just keep on working, doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

The benefit of always doing your best means that if it’s not good enough for others, that my dear, is their problem, always communicate with your lovely customers, I believe almost all issues are fixed with communication.

Peace and love my friends


The art of balloonacy

Being a balloon twister is fun, twisting balloons has taken me many places, but the most amazing thing it does.

Is it gives joy to others… And conversely to me.

Today I made quite a few balloons, most looked great, but even after many years I still knock out a dodgy one, my customers think they’re fantastic, but with my artistic eye see differences in proportion, and I hand it over to a child vibrating with joy… I smile and smile, it’s all about the joy…

Peace and love my friends